San Francisco_2008

Awarded, Best of Private Plots Top 25, Die Besten Garten 2010 International Landscape Competition, Langenlois, Austria.

Deformscape is an ‘outdoor room’ extension to a private dwelling in San Francisco. Situated in a tightly packed urban neighborhood, this limited space sculpture garden inherits a large tree, and uses this sole arboreal presence to establish a gravitational pattern of grooves that are focused towards the tree's centroid. This asserts the valued sculptural presence of the Japanese Maple tree and its space-defining canopy overhead, while providing for a maximum of usable hardscape area free of other vegetation.

Taking into account the visual effects created by perspective views from inside the residence, the resultant planar surfaces appears sink and deform around the tree, yet in actuality remain entirely flat and horizontal amenable to functional use. Fabricated with marine-grade painted wood, the tiled surface floats above grade upon an open grating system, and allows surface water to seep between its porous seams to the tree roots below.